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The long anticipated Guide to Brown Recluse Spiders


  Front Cover

Using the principles in this guide TOTAL
of brown recluse spiders is not just a is reality. BRS has been successfully eradicating brown recluse spiders throughout Kansas and Missouri for years.  Now our secrets are revealed.

This 50 page guide will give you everything you

need to combat brown recluse spiders populations if you are a homeowner, pest management company, government agency, or other person responsible for
 pest management.

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 In this manual you will find information on:

 Pesticide Use
 Basic Spider Biology
   Spider anatomy
   Male/ Female Identification
  Webs and prey capture
   Species Range
 How are populations established?
 The Brown Recluse Spider
   Active ControlTM  Program
 Other Issues
    Fear Tactics-Backfire
    Shake shingle roofs
    Silverfish and Brown recluse spiders
    False shutters. True problems
    House age and brown recluse spider numbers
    Why are brown recluse spiders so difficult to control?
    Natural predators
    Clutter and Stored Materials
 How do brown recluse spider move throughout homes?
    Structural components, tools, and techniques
    Wall voids and brown recluse spider travel

 More on Sticky Insect Traps
 Bites and concerns

 This guide also gives specific treatment protocol  information
 Brown Recluse Spider Management procedures
    Key factors
    Sample Protocol for Treatment procedures
 Unfinished Basements and Crawl Spaces
 Insulation Types
 Attic Procedures
 Exterior siding
 How to defeat your target age, sex, and stage
 Safely eliminate brown recluse spiders from occupied structures
 Structural components, tools, techniques, and procedures..

And Many Many more..............

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